How to Make Bean Bags for Bean Bag Toss

Hill of dried beans

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Bean bag toss, sometimes referred to as cornhole, is a game in which bean bags are tossed towards a platform with holes. Points are scored depending upon how close to the hole the bag lands. Bean bag toss can also be simplified for children, where kids can enjoy the simplicity of tossing a bean bag into a form with a hole. The form can range from a decorated box to a bucket. Traditionally made with dried corn kernels or beans, you can personalize the game by making your own bean bags.

Choose a fabric to make your bean bags. A heavy fabric is preferred because it holds up better to the wear and tear of multiple bean bag tosses.

Cut 12 square patches of the fabric that measure 4-by-4 inches. If your bean bag toss platform has larger holes, you can adjust the size of the bean bag up to 6 inches.

Take two pieces of fabric and set them side by side, with the top side of the fabric facing up. Then, take the fabric square on the right and flip it over on top of the square on the left side. The top sides of the fabric are now facing each other. This is also referred to as placing right sides together, as the pieces laying on top of each other will appear to be the wrong side out.

Use a sewing machine and stitch the patches together, leaving a 1/4-inch space between the seam and the edge of the fabric. Begin stitching 1 1/2 inches in from the top right corner. Continue sewing in a straight line down all sides of the fabric squares. To reinforce the corner seams, sew all the way to the corners, cut the thread and then begin sewing the next side. When you get back to the side of the square you started sewing on, leave a 1-inch gap between your starting point and where you stop. This gap serves as the hole where you will insert the beans or corn kernels. Secure your thread and remove the squares from the machine. Repeat steps with the rest of the fabric squares.

Take a pencil and poke the fabric into the 1-inch gap until you have turned the square inside out so that the right sides of the fabric are now on the outside of the bean bag and the seams are on the inside. The front of the fabric squares are now on the outside of the bag.

Insert the end of a wide funnel into the 1-inch gap and fill your bean bag with the dried beans or corn kernels. Fill the bag until you feel it is firm enough to toss, yet still loose enough that the bag can flop around.

Sew the 1-inch gap by hand, or tuck the fabric inside the bag and secure the seam with the sewing machine. Be sure to stitch the seam several times to make it strong.