How to Make a Cone Hat With Felt

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A cone hat is one of the most basic shapes to make. Felt is a non-woven fabric that comes in a variety of colors. It is a pliable material so it will hold most shapes without much trouble. Felt is crafted by pressing wool and other synthetic materials together, keeping the cost of the material low. The hardest part of the whole process is deciding what color you want to make your hat. Once you have the color picked out, you can make your hat in about 15 minutes.

Measure your head, or your child's head, with a piece of string to find out how much string it takes to go around. Lay the string against a ruler or tape measure, making sure not to lose your marks. Measure how much length you need at the base of the hat.

Cut the felt to measurement for the bottom of the hat. When cutting, make the cut in the shape of a half circle, leaving a sharp corner at the top. Other than the rounded bottom, the shape should look like a triangle when complete. Even up the trim by folding the felt in half and evening out the half circle.

Face the color side that you want facing out to the inside, keeping the material folded in half. Sew the two pieces of material together from the bottom all the way up to the point. The hat is now inside out, pull the hat right-side-out and it's ready for use.