Bible Knowledge Games for Confirmation Students

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Using games is one of the most effective ways to test and challenge your confirmation student’s knowledge of the Bible and the Catholic Church. Games will create a welcoming and fun environment that encourages students to learn from others and test their own knowledge. Bible knowledge games can be used at the opening of each class, or you can save them for the end of the session just before they take confirmation. You can test your student’s knowledge of the Bible in general or how Catholic theology is supported in Scripture.


Using the general idea of “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” you can separate your class into two teams. The questions can begin with very simple trivia about the Bible such as “What were the names of the first humans?”. You can then move on to harder questions such as “How many books are in the Bible,” and continue to make the questions more and more difficult. You can have either a time limit or a certain number of uneven-numbered questions prepared to determine the end of the game and the winner.

Hang Man

Hang Man is a great way to challenge your confirmation students' knowledge of the Bible. You can choose phrases, words or events found in the Bible--preferably things very difficult and not commonly known, and prepare clues for these words or phrases.

Offer a clue for each hidden word or phrase, and place on a blackboard the exact number of spaces needed to fill in every letter. Have each team guess letters, and when a team chooses a letter that's in the phrase, place it in the blank(s) where it belongs. Every time a team guesses a wrong letter, you can draw a body part of a person hanging. Draw a body for each team. When one team fills in a phrase correctly, and the hanging body is still incomplete, then you can move on to a new phrase.

Theology Test

Have the classroom separate into two teams. You can provide each team with a theological statement from the Catholic Church. Provide each team with a certain amount of time and specific number of references they need to find in the Bible to support that statement. Allow them to work together and use only one Bible per student to complete the task. Whichever team finds the appropriate number of verses first is the winner.