Christian Games With Spiritual Lessons

The spiritual lessons taught in Christianity are numerous and valuable to everyone. They advocate a number of honorable qualities, including loving your parents, treating everyone with respect and being honest. Learning about the moral codes of Christianity doesn't have to take place inside a church or involve reading a Bible. Simply taking the time to play Christian-themed games with friends and family members helps to instill these positive values as well.

Who's Leading Who?

This game is best played with large groups, ideally including 10 or more members. Pick one player to exclude from the group and seat everyone else in a circle. In the group, decide on a leader who the rest of the players will mimic during the game. For instance, the leader may begin the game by patting her head, and the rest of the group must copy, continuing to do that action until the leader does something different. Once the group has begun, bring in the player excluded from the group and allow him to guess who the leader is until he gets it right. The leader then goes outside and the group picks a different leader. This game demonstrates the importance of treating everyone with respect, as you never know when you are in the presence of someone important.

Bible Word of God Game

Arrange the players in a circle. The first player must pick out a Bible verse, preferably an obscure one that is difficult to memorize. He then whispers the verse in its exact word-for-word form to the person sitting next to him. The second person then passes the message on, and the pattern continues until it reaches the last person in the group. This person then reads the scripture aloud, just as it was whispered to them by the previous player. By comparing the original scripture with the typically incorrect version that got passed around the class, this game reveals the errors and demonstrates the problems behind gossip and rumors.

Guided in Truth

Divide the group into two teams, naming them Team A and Team B. Ensure they face away from each other. Give both teams a matching set of building blocks with the instruction that both groups have to build the same thing with the blocks without looking at each other. To begin, have one player from Team A place a block, then explain to Team B how to copy it. Then have Team B place a block and explain the process to Team A. After all the blocks are placed, have the two teams compare the final result. With practice, both teams will create nearly identical patterns with the blocks. The message in this game is that when each person allows himself to be guided by the Holy Spirit, he is guided into the truth.

10 Commandments Race

For this game, pass out tablets to each player with a list of the 10 Commandments in full sentence form. Leave out the revealing parts of the commandment so the players must fill it in by memory. For instance, leave out "idols" in the commandment that states, "You shall not make or worship idols." The first player to successfully fill in all the blanks wins. This game reinforces the lessons taught in the 10 Commandments, ensuring the players commit them to memory.