How to Clean a Leather Varsity Jacket

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High school athletes are often seen wearing varsity jackets, which are also referred to as letterman jackets. These jackets are specially made for each student who orders one to wear; your varsity letter is displayed on the jacket so everyone that sees the jacket knows you are a varsity athlete. In addition to your varsity letter, your jacket can display your name, your sport and pins you receive at the end of each athletic season. Because the letterman jacket typically has leather sleeves, it is not recommended that you wash the jacket. However, your jacket does require regular cleaning to remove dirt.

Mix warm water and baby shampoo in a small bowl and dip a soft washcloth or towel into the solution to dampen it.

Gently rub the leather sleeves of your varsity jacket with the towel to remove dirt, oil and stains.

Clean the baby shampoo and water solution off of the leather using a clean, damp cloth. Remove all residue from the leather sleeves to avoid tarnishing the leather.

Let your varsity jacket air dry away from direct heat and sunlight before wearing it again.