Things to Engrave in a Ring

Jasmin Awad/Photodisc/Getty Images

People have worn rings as adornments since the dawn of time. Popular customs include the giving of a ring to seal an engagement, exchanging rings in a wedding ceremony and also receiving rings for events such as high-school graduations, college graduations and certain sporting events such as winning the Super Bowl. It has also become popular over the years to engrave rings with special dates, names, phrases and symbols.


Dates are a popular choice to have engraved on a ring. Some couples choose to have their wedding date engraved on the inside of their wedding ring, engagement ring or anniversary ring. Other options include birth dates engraved on birthstone rings and graduation dates engraved on class rings and college rings. Dates with religious significance can also be engraved in rings to commemorate events such as a first communion or a bar mitzvah.


Couples often have their significant other's name engraved on their wedding band or on an anniversary ring. Names are also engraved on the sides of class rings and college rings or on the inside of birthstone rings. Mother's rings often have the names of the children engraved on them, as well.


Phrases can also be engraved on a ring, provided the phrase is not too long. Popular sayings or quotations, such as "love endures all," "world's greatest mom" or "always and forever," can be engraved onto wedding bands, class rings, promise rings, purity rings, mother's rings and birthstone rings.


Symbols are another ring engraving option. Symbols can include crosses, hearts, animals, sports emblems, automobile emblems, the infinity symbol or school mascots, depending on what is important to the ring's recipient. Family crests can also be engraved on a ring, provided the ring is large enough.