24th Birthday Ideas

Group of friends admiring cake

John Howard/Lifesize/Getty Images

Your mid-twenties are the best time for birthday parties. You are old enough to drink legally, your friends are old enough to drink legally and most likely you still have the energy and enthusiasm that you did when you where 16. So, what are good 24th birthday ideas, well that depends a lot on your interest and budget.

Bowling and Beer


You can leave out the beer part if you choose, but get a few close friends together and go bowling. Some bowling alleys offer night or glow bowling. It is an inexpensive and fun way to get all of your friends together, polish off a few pitchers of beer and have a great time celebrating your day.

Wine Tasting


If you live near a local vineyard, get a group of your friends and take a day trip to sample what they have to offer. Make sure that you have a designated driver or take a limo. If your local agriculture does not include vineyards, have a elegant and low-key party at your own house. Encourage guests to bring a bottle of their favorite wine and supply the cheese and crackers.

Party Bus


Rent out a party bus or a limo for the night and drive around town in style. Have them drop you off and pick you up at different night clubs and then take you home at the end of the night. To rent a party bus can be fairly expensive, so if you are on a budget, ask your friends to chip in for the cost.