How to Throw a Playstation 3 LAN Party

How to Throw a Playstation 3 LAN Party. The playstation 3 is a great stand-alone gaming system. Another way to enjoy the PS3 with friends in town is to throw a LAN party. Having a bunch of friends together in a room with all of your PS3 consoles connected together can be a real party!

Buy a playstation 3 gaming console and a game that accepts network play. The typical game used for LAN parties would be a first person shooter like Resistance Fall of Man.

Find several of your friends who also have a PS3 and the game you wish to play together.

Call those friends and find a date that you can all agree on to spend an evening playing video games together.

Purchase a 4 port or larger hub, as well as enough link cables to connect to each port.

Determine where everyone can set up. There will need to be a place for a television and then a place for them to sit. Televisions can be setup on the ground but it is preferable to have them on tables or counters.

Make sure you have enough televisions for the number of PS3 consoles coming to your party. If you do not, ask your friends to bring their own televisions as well.