How to tell your mom you like a guy,,,,

Telling your mother that you like somebody is never easy, especially if your mom hasn't believed that you are old enough to like guys yet. By deciding on what you are going to say beforehand and taking each step slowly with your mom, it could be an easy discussion. As long as you respect her rules and your home and there are no surprises, your mother could end up liking the new guy who is a part of your life.

Write down what you plan to say to your mother. List some of the reasons that you like your new guy. Keep your mother's feelings in mind so you can tell her gently while still respecting her rules as well.

Ask your mom out to lunch or dinner somewhere where just the two of you can get together. Make it a girls only day where the two of you could do some shopping and then meet for lunch.

Be honest and tell your mom all that you can about your new guy. Try to have a picture available that you might be able to show your mother, too. Let your mom know that you respect her rules about meeting new guys or dating.

Let your mother have a chance to meet your new guy. Invite him over for dinner so that your mother can get a chance to talk with him. Don't let your mother embarrass you with any questions she may have. She only cares about you.

Respect your mom's house rules if you decide to begin dating your new guy. Have your guy come in when he picks you up for a date. This will allow some time for your mother to discuss his plans for the night. Make sure that you always come home on time.