How to Throw a Surprise Birthday Party for Your Mother

Whether you are planning a special surprise party for your mother in her own home or at a local park, set it up to surprise her by making sure that no one lets her in on the secret. Reserve an area early so you can set up properly. If you are throwing the party in her home, ask someone else to take her out of the house so you can decorate and let the guests in beforehand to truly make it a memorable day for Mom.

Coordinate with family members and friends to create an Alice in Wonderland themed outside surprise party. Set up one long table for all of the guests and a throne for your mother. Decorate the table with centerpieces of red, black and white to symbolize the cards in the story, and hang posters of scenes from the book. Hold an Alice in Wonderland trivia contest as well as a croquet game in the yard, and give out prizes, such as copies of the book, to the winners.

Plan a surprise luau party in your backyard. Have leis for all of the guests, ask them to wear a Hawaiian shirt or tropical-themed clothing, and decorate your backyard with tropical accents including tiki torches, colorful tablecloths and a limbo pole. Have the guests arrive early. Ask your mother to come over to watch the kids, and plan the party near her birthday, not necessarily on it, to throw her off the trail. Cook Hawaiian food, serve tropical drinks out of hollowed-out coconuts and pineapples, and have fun, relaxing music playing softly in the background.

Rent a room at a community center or an area large enough to hold a surprise party for your mother. If she lives in an apartment complex, they often have rooms to rent for parties. If your party is during the day, have it outdoors in conjunction with the room space. Decorate the room as you see fit; consider planning a themed party based on your mother's hobby or interest. If she is an animal lover, put up cute animal posters and have a special cake made for the party.

Have an outdoor surprise party at a local park. During the fall and spring, when the weather is nice, rent a pavilion at a park and hold the surprise party there. Plan fun activities such as lawn darts and a barbecue for the family. Make sure you don't tell your mother where you are headed. Tell her you are off to the store and then reroute your journey to the park.