Inexpensive Locations for a Wedding Shower

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If you want to honor a bride before her wedding, but you don’t have a lot of money for a shower, there are many places to host a lovely shower without spending too much. Don’t be afraid to ask other friends to co-host so that you can share costs. Ask the bride for a guest list within a certain number limit--whatever number you think your budget can handle.

Private Homes

An at-home shower can be a cozy, beautiful affair—and the location is free. If a group of friends is hosting, choose the home that offers the most seating and party space. Ideally you should have an area for eating and an area for gift-opening. Divide up the food responsibilities; appetizers, entrée, desserts and drinks can each be one host’s responsibility.

Outdoor Locations

Parks and gazebos can be terrific locations for wedding showers. They are often free or are rented for nominal fees. Scout the location so that you know how much seating there is or whether you’ll have to rent or bring tables and chairs. Make sure the food is simple and easily transportable such as sandwich platters and salads. Have a rain plan in mind in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Church Halls

If you’re active in your church, your place of worship may have a great room or hall to host a party that they’ll give you for free. With simple décor and food, this could be a nice, budget-friendly option.


Restaurants don’t have to be expensive spots to host parties—restaurants rarely charge a rental fee. Negotiate a brunch menu with the owner or manager; brunches are usually quite a bit cheaper than lunch. Mexican restaurants are often inexpensive options, too. If the per-person price is reasonable, this can be a lot less hassle than hosting in your own home.