The Best Places for a Discreet Meeting

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It can sometimes feel like there are no quiet and discrete places in the world. Finding a time and place for a discrete meeting can be difficult, but it is not impossible. You may have to get a little creative to avoid detection, but in most cases, you can schedule a meeting without anyone finding out.


If you live a quiet life without many guests, your home can provide you with a discrete gathering place. You should only invite someone to your home you feel comfortable with, though. While in your home, you can relax and be a hospitable host. Outside of your home, you usually have to rely on other people for service. Schedule your meeting for a time when your housemates are out for the day. Tell them beforehand you need the home to yourself on the day of the meeting.

V.I.P. Room

A nightclub or crowded restaurant isn’t a place you would usually consider for a discrete meeting. If there is a VIP room in the back, though, you can rent it out for a quiet meeting. After the meeting is over, you can exit the VIP room and enjoy the festivities outside. Call the establishment well ahead of time to ensure you get the reservation for the room, since they can fill up quickly.

A Cab

It may not be the roomiest or prettiest meeting place, but a cab can provide you with a quiet meeting place. Simply hail a cab, swing by the home of the person you are meeting, and travel with them to an ambiguous place. While the cab rolls, talk with the other passenger. Using a cab instead of your own car makes it difficult for people to recognize you. The cab driver will probably have no bearing on the conversation as well, so it is a simple task to keep your conversation private.

Strolling Park

If you enjoy a nice evening stroll, a park with a winding path may be an ideal place for a quiet meeting. Arrange for your conversation partners to meet at the park in a certain location at a designated time. Choose a park with very little foot traffic at the time of your meeting. It should also be a safe location with very little chance of a violent crime. Walk with the people you meet and enjoy a nice, relaxed conversation.