Transgender Bars in Virginia

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Everyone needs to party sometimes. Whether you're a man, woman, bisexual, homosexual, transsexual or transgender, you need a place where you can relax, enjoy yourself and feel comfortable being you. Some might say that there's not a huge difference between straight bars and GLBT-friendly bars but there is, especially in the good ol' southern state of Virgina. While there aren't many strictly transgender bars in Virginia, there are a few GLBT-friendly bars where you can go and have a good time.

The Park

Located in Roanoke, Virginia, The Park is an eclectic GLBT bar that stays open late and serves typical "pub grub" food like wings and mozzarella sticks. For entertainment, the club rotates DJs and has weekly stage shows. The club's decor is a vintage disco-era theme. But don't expect to hear any 70s hits. There's a large techno and house dance scene here, so expect high energy music and a packed dance floor.

Artful Dodger

Open seven days a week until 2 a.m., the Artful Dodger is a GLBT bar that's located in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The Artful Dodger is a cafe-pub that offers a full menu, free Wi-Fi and weekly nightclub events. Join in on the Thursday salsa nights or the yearly "Anti-Valentine's Day Party" if you're looking for themed fun, or visit the bar on a Friday and enjoy dinner, drinks and music.

Babe's Of Carytown

If you're in the Richmond area, visit Babe's Of Carytown to enjoy homemade food, good drinks and a live party scene. During the day, Babe's patrons can enjoy a quick bite to eat, but at night the place turns into a full blown GLBT-friendly pub hall filled with lots of people and thumping music. Play a game of pool while you sip on drinks or visit Babe's on a themed night like Tuesday Line Dancing or Karaoke Wednesdays.

Bourbon Room

Located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, the Bourbon Room is a GLBT-friendly bar that stays open until 2 a.m. This contemporary nightclub has a large bar, flat screen TVs and a lounge area filled with couches and coffee tables. Order a drink, grab some food or dance until the wee hours of the morning. Visit the club on the famous Ladies Night on Tuesday; you don't have to wear a dress or be a lady, but you are encouraged to dance and have a good time.

The Wave

The Wave is a GLBT-friendly dance club in Norfolk, Virginia. If you're looking to dance until you can't dance anymore, The Wave is the place to be. Play a game of pool in the back, have a couple of drinks or grab a bite to eat while you wait for the crowd to pour in. The club usually gets packed around 12 a.m., so try to get there on time. And if you love everything 80s, throw on your neon colors and visit The Wave on Thursday's 80s night for a full range of old hits all night long.