How to Play Happy Hour Bar Games

How to Play Happy Hour Bar Games. It's sometime between 5:00 and 7:00 p.m., and you're somewhere between as many beers. The bar is hopping and your friends aren't stopping. Grab a deck of cards or pair of dice. It's time for some games. Discover how to play games of skill, luck and coordination (or lack thereof) to fill your happiest hours while you down discount drinks and cheap finger-food with your friends.

Join the crowd. Some bars cater to happy hour guests by providing group games for prizes or sensational gimmicks like upside-down margaritas. Give the latter a try by lying back against the bar while someone pours tequila, triple sec and lime in your mouth. Then stand up and drink.

Sing along ... with yourself. Karaoke is a popular happy hour bar theme. Pick a song you know well from the playlist and give your best star performance. Sometimes the house will buy the "winner" a drink, and sometimes your tablemates can be talked into the performance.

Play a sports-related drinking game. Have the bartender turn on a game on TV. Choose a team to back. Whenever your team advances or scores, you drink. Whenever your opponents' teams do, they drink.

Play for beer shots. Get a pitcher and ask the bartender for shot glasses (and a bar towel). Choose a card or dice game, such as Ultimate Loser or Sixes.

Make a killing in real estate as you sip by playing Beeropoly. If your neighborhood bar is the public house type that encourages board games, consult the game rules grab a Monopoly set and pair it with pitchers for very long happy hour.