Things to Do at 18 Years Old

The age of 18 is hard because even though it is a milestone year, there are many places you still cannot go. However, there are a lot of fun activities 18 year olds can enjoy. You just have to know where to look.

Dance Club

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Though most dance clubs are 21 and over, there are some places that allow teens 18 and over in with an age-identifying stamp. Some places also have teen nights specifically for ages 18 and over. There may be a slight cover charge at these types of places, but nothing too costly. These types of places are a good chance for teens to get out of the house, hang out with their friends, dance and listen to music and meet peers without parents having to worry that they are unsafe or doing illegal activities.

Strip Club

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One common coming of age celebration for 18 year olds is attending a strip club. Contrary to popular belief, strip clubs have both male and female clientele who visit not only for the exotic dancers, but also the pulsating music, the ambiance and the time with friends. Strip clubs are a fun night out for groups when they want to do something different, exciting and a little sexy.


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A great thing to do at 18 years old is to sing karaoke. Though most karaoke places serve alcohol, there are many places that allow entrance to guests that are 18 or older. Even if you don't sing karaoke, you will have a blast listening to other people sing with your friends. And if singing doesn't intimidate you, you should sign up to sing a song. If you are with a group of people, you have a built in support system in the crowd, and you'll have fun having a moment in the limelight. If you're not up for singing alone, you can always sing a song with a few friends. When it comes to singing karaoke, you don't have to be the best singer in the room, you just need to have fun with it and the audience will love you.


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A casino is another popular thing to do at 18 years old. While the minimum gambling age varies from state to state, there are some states that allow 18 years old to gamble in casinos. Visit to find out the minimum gambling age in your state. Casinos aren't just for avid gamblers, but are fun for anyone who enjoys casual betting. You also don't have to use a large amount of money when you visit a casino; you can have hours of fun playing nickel or dime slots as well. Some casinos also have Bingo halls, which could make for a fun evening with friends.