Night Clubs in Chicago That Offer Free Birthday Parties

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Celebrating a birthday in Chicago can mean VIP treatment at many of the area's nightclubs. Some of the hottest clubs in the Windy City offer birthday freebies such as no cover charges, free party hosting, and even little luxuries such as complementary drinks to help make the party goer's birthday one they will always remember.


Dragonfly, located in the heart of Chicago's downtown district, offers birthday perks for groups of all sizes Friday to Sunday. The guest of honor is admitted free, avoiding the traditional $5 cover charge that typically would be required. In addition to free admission, Dragonfly offers free party rooms and private tables for those wishing to celebrate in style. As of September 2010, Dragonfly admitted guests 21 years of age and up and enforced a strict dress code. Guests of Dragonfly are not permitted entry without the proper attire. Dress code includes no tennis shoes or construction boots, no baggy clothing and no sports attire.

Dragonfly 832 West Randolph Street Chicago, IL 60607 312-787-7600

Vain Nightclub

Vain Nightclub, located in downtown Chicago, offers three separate dance floors and VIP treatment for those celebrating their birthday at the club. Birthday partiers that enter the club before 11 p.m. are treated to a free bottle of champagne to help celebrate the occasion. In addition to free champagne, the birthday person gets unlimited, free lemon shots all night. Groups of 10 or more that purchase open bar wristbands earn the guest of honor free drinks of their choice from the bar all evening. As of September 2010, management of the Vain required that guests be 21 years of age or older to enter.

Vain Nightclub 2354 N. Clybourn Ave. Chicago, IL 60614 773-435-0130


Excalibur in Chicago offers a variety of special treats for the birthday person who chooses their club to celebrate the event. In addition to free admission for the guest of honor and his or her group, Excalibur offers free champagne and cake to the special guest. Also, for surprise parties or those put together at short notice, Excalibur offers free party planning assistance as well as free invitations. Excalibur is one of the largest nightclubs in Chicago and boasts the city's largest dance floor and VIP rooms and private lounge areas.

Excalibur 632 N. Dearborn Chicago, IL 60654 312-266-1944