How to Get on the Bud Light Party Cruise

by Tina Amo ; Updated September 28, 2017

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Budweiser Anheuser-Busch began its Bud Light Party Cruise in 2008. The annual four days and three nights cruise includes a stop at a private island in Nassau, Bahamas, where the 7,400 winners can enjoy a concert featuring popular artists. There are two Bud Light Party Cruise ships. One departs from Cape Canaveral and the other departs from Miami. Both ships depart at the same time and meet in Nassau. The sweepstakes for the cruise is open to those who are at least 21 years old and each contestant is limited to one entry only, by Internet or text message.

Visit the Bud Light Party Cruise website during the registration period and enter your date of birth on the home page. The site is only accessible to those 21 years and older. Click the sweepstakes entry link and enter the required information. This includes first and last name, address and email address. Submit the information. Note that the registration period is at the same time each year.

Enter the sweepstakes via text message. Text “CRUISE” to BEERS (23377). Note that text message charges may apply, depending on your wireless service provider.

Wait for notification. Winners will be chosen by random drawing and notified by telephone. Winners must respond to the notification within 24 hours, otherwise the ticket will be awarded to to the next qualified contestant. Winners who entered the sweepstakes via text message will receive a phone call or text message. They must respond in the allotted time and then provide their personal information to the independent judging agency.

Complete the registration process online within seven days. This involves filling various forms for you and your guest, if applicable. There is a fee for the tickets and other costs. According to information on the website, this amount is for you and a guest, if applicable, or just you if you decide not to bring a guest. Guests also must be 21 or older.

Take a flight to the port of departure from the gateway city nearest to you--Cape Canaveral or Miami. The money paid for the cruise tickets also includes the cost of roundtrip coach tickets for you and a guest or just you.

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