How to Greet Your Love When They Get Home

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Whether it's first thing in the morning, after a long trip, or when coming home from work, how you greet your significant other sets an important tone in your relationship. Your greetings — whether excited or bored, loving or irritable — have a profound impact on your love's response to you, your attitude toward her, and the overall health of your relationship. While it may seem like a small thing, planning and orienting your mind for greeting your love can powerfully change your relationship. Lovingly greeting your significant other each time you see him is great for keeping romance alive.

Step 1

Focus on your significant other. When you get up in the morning, it is easy to be distracted, running around trying to get out the door and start your day. In the evening, you may be immersed in a task or on the phone when your spouse gets home. For your greeting to be most meaningful, stop what you're doing — even if it's just for a minute — to greet your love free from distraction. Similarly, marriage experts recommend that when you arrive home, you greet your significant other before anyone else — kids, company, even the dog — and before getting distracted by dinner, the mail or the television.

Step 2

Be excited and affectionate. A lackluster, "Hey …" is no way to greet the one you love. Show your significant other that you're happy to see him with a warm and loving greeting. A hug and a kiss show that you're focused on him and happy to see him again. If you're arriving home, a bouquet of flowers, a special treat for dessert, or a cup of coffee is a nice reminder that you were thinking about her during the day. Set a positive tone for the whole day or evening by letting your significant other know that you're happy to see him.

Step 3

Keep negativity to yourself. Particularly if you’ve had a rough day, or if something is weighing on your mind, it can be easy to launch into complaints and expressions of frustration as soon as your partner walks in the door. Keeping questions and problems to yourself to give your love time to unwind will serve you both in the long run, keeping your greeting non-confrontational and romantic. A more subtle negativity trigger can be the seemingly innocuous question, "How was your day?" Coming home should feel like an escape, and reminders of a bad day or unfulfilling job can be frustrating, particularly for anyone working in a stressful work environment.