Romantic Welcome Home Ideas

Miroslav Ferkuniak/iStock/Getty Images

A homecoming is a special event that begs for a celebration. But when a loved one returns, a romantic welcoming can enhance the excitement in your relationship and make him feel special and loved. Romance needs to be a constant in your relationship, says psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith in, “The Importance of Romance,” on "Psychology Today" and can strengthen the bond between you.

The Soldier

Returning home from a deployment or leave can be exhausting, but with a romantic surprise waiting, your soldier will appreciate seeing you all the more. According to, your spouse or significant other may need time to get to know you again. Plan a “first date” experience with an intimate candlelight dinner, complete with formalwear and time set aside to ask each other questions as if you were on a first date. The excitement of getting to know each other again coupled with role playing can reignite the intimacy of your relationship.

The Corporate Professional

Long business trips can leave couples feeling distanced from each other, both emotionally and physically. Your significant other may also be tired and worn out from continuous travel. Take the time to get some relaxation together with a romantic couple's massage or spa day. When you make a point of being romantic and relaxed with your partner, he may feel more appreciated, reports sex consultant Denise Brienne in 500 Romantic Ideas: 50 Ideas for Him.

The Hobbyist

One of the most romantic gestures you can give your partner is to take an interest in his hobbies. If your loved one is returning home from a long day at work or even school, surprise him with an evening filled with his favorite activity. For the gamer, prepare a smorgasbord of snacks and get the game controllers ready for a competition. For the sports enthusiast, set up a soccer game for two in the backyard. Add some gentle flirting to the competitions to maintain a sense of intimacy during your playtime. Making play a regular part of your routine is not only welcoming when your partner returns from a long day, but it can also keep your relationship thriving and exciting, according to Alexa Tucker, writing for "Redbook," in “9 Little Gestures He Wishes You’d Do.”

The Hopeless Romantic

Welcoming home a significant other who is a hopeless romantic requires some planning and creative thinking. It’s your time to think outside your normal parameters and make romantic memories. Surprise your loved one as she returns home from work, school or play with a day of “Firsts.” Sweep her away and recreate those first moments from your relationship by visiting the cafe or restaurant where you first proclaimed your love for each other or finding the exact spot you shared your first kiss. Make it a journey to remember by retracing the steps of your relationship and making new memories at each stop.