How to Be More Affectionate to My Girlfriend

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Keep the fire burning brightly in your relationship by showering your girlfriend with affection on a regular basis. You don't have to go to grand measures to convey your fondness for her; use everyday opportunities to incorporate touch, loving sentiments and symbolic intimations of your feelings for her.

Surprise Pecks

Be spontaneous with your affection to capture your girlfriend’s love and attention. You can gently grasp her hand as you’re walking down the street, give her a hug when she walks into the room, or sneak up behind her with a kiss while she’s cooking dinner. Deliberately brush against her as you pass each other in the hall, place your hand on her hand or thigh when you’re sitting side by side. A simple touch can trigger the release of oxytocin -- also known as the love hormone.

Snuggle Up

Transform ordinary activities into opportunities to be affectionate with your girlfriend. You can cuddle on the couch instead of sitting at separate ends or squeeze onto the recliner together to get as close as you can. Instead of setting the table for dinner tonight, dine on the living room floor where you can sit side by side, thigh-to-thigh and shoulder-to-shoulder. Ditch the television for the evening and lie beneath the night sky to stargaze together or stroll along the beach with your arm around her shoulder and hers around your waist.

Love Notes and Words

Physical contact isn’t the only way to show your girlfriend affection. Be affectionate with your words, too. You can slip a love note in her pocket at the end of your date or slip one into her lunch in the morning before she leaves for work. Share your feelings of appreciation for her by saying thank you when she does something nice, and remind her of the characteristics and quirks you love most about her, like her kind and giving nature or her eccentric morning routine that she just can't get by without.

Token Gestures

Shower your girlfriend with affectionate gestures to keep your relationship fresh and loving. You can offer to give her a massage after a long day at work or brush her hair if it makes her melt. If you’d really like to score some relationship points, offer to give her a foot rub after hours in high heels -- or even a pedicure to brighten her day. You can send her flowers at work to share your love while she’s away or surprise her when she arrives home with a steaming bathtub filled with rose petals.