Signs That a Girl Likes You in Middle School

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Although girls used to say that you had cooties, they have begun to flirt and pass you notes. Middle school is when some girls and boys begin to admit interest in each other. Pay close attention to the girl's body language and verbal cues. You must determine how to tell whether a girl likes you or just wants to be friends.

Body Language

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A girl who likes you does not even have to say a word for you to know. Nonverbal body language cues can make very clear whether a girl is into you. When you are near the girl, see if she mimics the way you are standing or the volume of your voice. Also see whether the girl preens herself around you. She might run her fingers through her hair or apply lip gloss.

Verbal Communication

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Listen to what the girl is saying. See if she asks about your interests and hobbies. A girl who likes you wants to find out more about you. Determine whether the girl speaks to you more often than she speaks with other guys in your class. Verbal communication can also include her choosing you as a partner for a classroom activity. Also, if the girl passes you a note, she might like you.

Physical Contact

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A girl might flirt with you by coming up with a reason for physical contact. Notice if she brushes your hair with her fingers because she says it has fallen out of place. Pay attention when a girl picks lint off of your shirt. Another way a girl might flirt is to touch your arm after you tell a joke. If a girl touches your arm and tells you that you are funny, she likes you.

Other Signs

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Trust your instinct. A girl who looks in your eyes longer than normal might be into you, although she might just have a platonic interest in you. Go with your gut instinct about whether a girl's actions are a sign that she likes you. The biggest signal that a girl is into you is if she tells you. Don't be afraid to speak with a girl about your feelings to find out whether she likes you, too.