Signs a Teenage Girl Likes You

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Knowing if that teenage girl you like is into you too isn't always easy. Girls, especially teenage girls, are complex characters and while one minute it might seem like you are getting along fine, the next she might be giving you the cold shoulder for no apparent reason. However, there are some tell-tale signs that she likes you, so if you look out for these when you spend time together you can get a better idea whether or not she is really into you.

Body Language

There are things a girl will do with her body language if she likes you so watch out for these next time you are having a conversation. A girl might lean in towards you while you are speaking and touch her face or play with her hair. Exposing the palm of her hand while resting her head in the other is also another sign she likes you. Look out for crossed legs with one leg pointing or rocking back and forth towards you too.

Facial Expressions

The power of facial expressions with or without speech are very great so dont underestimate how much they can reveal about whether a girl likes you. If she is interested she might gaze into your eyes with dilated pupils and fluttering eyelashes. Raised eyebrows and a warm smile also indicate that she likes you, as does biting or licking of the lips.


The way a girl speaks to you can indicate how she feels too. Aside from flirty chat up lines or compliments, a girl that likes you will try to match your voice in terms of the speed and volume that you are speaking at when you have a conversation. She might also mimic you in other ways like laughing when you laugh and using words that you commonly use. By doing this she is showing you that she is in tune with you and that you are well-matched.


A huge indicator of whether a girl likes you is if she finds lots of excuses to touch you. This might be in a subtle way which she pretends is accidental, for example brushing past you or tripping up into your arms. She might also be playful and tap your shoulder or ruffle your hair. If she is really confident she might show you she likes you by giving you a hug or even a quick kiss on the cheek when you part.