How to Know That a Girl Hates You

Hate is a very strong emotion. When someone hates you, you will probably be able to tell by the things they do to you or the way you’re treated by them. The person doing the hating will usually do whatever it is in their power to make your life uncomfortable or miserable. Here are some ways to know that a girl hates you.

See how she treats you. If she is talking negatively about you to your face or behind your back, spreading rumors or acting rude and nasty towards you, that’s a good indication that she doesn’t like you. Also, if she glares at you with an angry or disgusted look, acts irritated or annoyed whenever you’re around, and treats you with hostility, she probably hates you.

Listen to her. Some girls will verbally tell you to your face that they hate you. She may harass you by calling you and hanging up, leaving you hateful messages or threatening to harm you in some way. Some people express their hatred towards others through hate speech where they say things to degrade, intimidate or hurt those that they hate.

See if she tries to destroy your personal possessions. When some girls feel scorned, they will try to hurt the person they hate by taking away or destroying their property or possessions. This can include things such as pouring bleach on your clothes, smashing car windows, keying your car, slashing your tires, and trashing your other belongings.

Feel the vibe you get when you’re around her. Hate is a very strong emotion and sometimes you can sense when someone hates you just by the negative vibe you get when you’re around them. The atmosphere will probably be very tense and you may feel uneasy and uncomfortable whenever she is around. A person’s attitude towards you will let you know if they like you or hate you.

Notice if she goes out of her way just to try to hurt you or make you feel bad. She might try to get people to turn against you, break up your relationships, and even try to hurt people who are closest to you. If you have friends in common, she may try to convince them to hate you too by telling lies about you or making them believe you’re a bad person. She may even post negative things about you on a social networking site and send you hateful or spam-laced emails.