How to Handle Jealous Women

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They're everywhere. There are jealous females in elementary school, in college, at the workplace and in your neighborhood. It's natural to be jealous sometimes, but some women get so wrapped up in comparing their lives with others' that they become too overwhelmed by jealousy to function. If you're got jealous women on your back, you'll have to learn how to deal with them before they drive you crazy. Just remember that William Penn said, "The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves."

Ignore your urge to react when you find out they have been talking about you behind your back. Jealous women love to talk. They find themselves wanting what you have --- a car, good looks, academic achievements, a boyfriend or clothes --- and they start resenting the you so much that they find reasons to complain about you to others. If you give in to your urge to retort, you'll be playing into their hands. They'd love to have a confrontation with you to let out their bottled resentment.

Avoid them. In many situations, ignoring a problem can only make it worse, but in this case you just need to stay away. The more they see you around, the more they'll think about you. Jealous women also tend to be obsessive.They'll find themselves going through your pictures and activity on social networking sites. They'll ask people about you and your personal life, even though it has no effect on theirs. They may try to sabotage your life even if they have nothing to gain from it, just because they can't stand to see other people's success. The more you're in their line of sight, the more you'll be subject to scrutiny. Keep your privacy settings high online. Don't brag about your achievements, earnings or love life. Distance yourself socially from these women.

Confront a serious offender.. If you've got a case of a manic-obsessive jealous women, ignoring her might not work. The more you put up walls, the greater challenge you'll be for her. This type of woman doesn't give up easily. There may not even be a method to her madness. She can't control her jealousy, and she can't control herself. If she has crossed her boundaries, she needs to be told. You can confront her face to face or write a letter or e-mail. Let her know how she makes you feel and that you really wish she would stop and leave you alone. If she doesn't stop, you may need to look into getting a restraining order!