How to Keep a Woman Interested Early on Into the Relationship

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At the beginning of every new relationship there is a period of uncertainty. The phase between going on a few dates and becoming a serious, committed couple can be confusing and unsettling. You don't know for sure how the other person feels or what makes her tick. You want to keep her interested but don't quite know how to go about it without making a fool of yourself or scaring her off. By remembering a few basic relationship rules, you should be able to make a great impression and keep your girl interested.

Step 1

Play hard to get. According to a 2010 study by University of Virginia and Harvard University researchers that was published in "Psychological Science," a woman is more interested in a man when she doesn't know for sure whether he likes her or not. Remember that you want this woman to like you, so don't act so uninterested that she decides you don't. The idea is to keep her guessing. Avoid being overly enthusiastic at the beginning of the relationship. Don't always be available when she wants to see you. Spend time with your friends, and keep up your hobbies and interests. Show her you have a full life already. Reveal a little about yourself, but hold some things back. Make her see you as a challenge and she's more likely to hang around.

Step 2

Relax and enjoy her company. Avoid overanalyzing the relationship at this early stage. Let your fun, lighthearted side come out. Most people find negativity and constant seriousness a turn-off. Focus on having a good time instead of constantly impressing her. Pay her compliments, but not too many. Limit compliments to one or two per date, according to dating website Lavishing endless compliments on her may come across as fake or odd. The last thing a woman wants is to be going out with someone with stalker tendencies.

Step 3

Give her plenty of space. This means personal space as well as the freedom to see her friends and have a social life that doesn't involve you. Leave at least 2 feet of personal space between you, recommends. She may feel uncomfortable if you're glued to her side the whole time. Let the intimacy between you two develop at its own pace. Don't force it and don't ignore any signs that she's uncomfortable. Everyone has their own limits when it comes to public displays of affection, such as hand-holding and kissing. Observe her body language and let her signals guide you. If she's growing increasingly close to you in public, such as touching your arm during conversation or brushing her leg against yours under the table, you can take this as a sure sign that she's into you.