How to Clean a Fogless Mirror

by Alicia Bodine

Fogless mirrors are made for men who need to shave while they are in the shower. They are designed to resist fogging so a man can shave his face while showering. With a foggy mirror, he may miss a spot or accidentally cut himself. Even though they are fogless, these mirrors do begin to fog up over time; however, a proper cleaning will restore them.

Items you will need

  • Rag
  • Water
  • WD-40
  • Paper towel
  • Glass-cleaner wipes
Step 1

Dampen a rag and use it to wipe down your mirror. This will remove any dust or light dirt on the mirror.

Step 2

Spray some WD-40 on a paper towel and work it in to your mirror. Get the sides as well as the middle of the mirror.

Step 3

Use another paper towel to wipe any excess WD-40 off. Make sure there are no streaks that would leave the mirror looking unclean.

Step 4

Let the mirror dry. It will now be clean and fogless again.


  • In between defogging treatments, clean your mirror with a glass-cleaner wipe. These wipes are easy to use and will keep your fogless mirror streak-free. There is a product called Z'Fogless that will both clean your mirror and keep it from fogging up in the future.


  • Never use abrasive cleaners because they will scratch your mirror.

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