How to Wear a Gaff

How to Wear a Gaff. When dressing as a woman, a man has to be careful not to reveal himself as a man. This is especially difficult if you want to wear tight clothing. This is where a gaff comes in. It helps to flatten the male genitalia creating a smoothing effect in that area. Follow these steps to wear a gaff.

Shave your pubic area before taping and putting on your gaff. You don't want to get your pubic hair caught in the tape or under the gaff because it will pull and hurt.

Tuck your testicles up in to the cavity of your abdomen. This cavity is directly behind your testicles and is where they were located when you were young. Be gentle. If this is painful you're doing it incorrectly.

Tape your testicles so they don't fall out of the cavity. Do not place the tape on your pubic hair if you failed to shave because the tape will be painful to remove.

Lie down and pull the gaff up to your thighs. The wider part is the front of the gaff while the thinner portion is the back.

Pull your penis between your legs so that it is tucked up in the back. Pull up your gaff and you should have a nice, smooth front to wear tight fitting clothes.