How to Use Noxzema for Shaving

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Many find the original Noxzema cleansing cream to be too greasy to use as a skin cleanser. Instead, they have found that its thick, creamy texture is an inexpensive alternative to shaving cream and leaves their skin incredibly smooth.

Wash your face, legs, underarms or any part that you are shaving with soap and water.

Dry your skin very well. If your skin is too damp, the Noxzema will lose its thick consistency.

Put a thin layer of Noxzema on the skin that you would like to shave. If you use too much, it can clog up your razor.

Shave as usual. Rinse blade after each stroke. You don't want the Noxzema to get trapped in your razor.

Wet a washcloth with warm water. Wipe off excess Noxzema.

Dry your skin with a clean towel. Your skin should be baby soft.

Rinse your razor very well to get all of the Noxzema off of your razor.