How to Wash with Aqueous Cream

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Washing your skin with soap and water can dry it out. If you have naturally dry skin in the first place, this can exacerbate the problem. One solution is to wash with aqueous cream instead of soap. Aqueous cream is a soap-free wash that provides moisture to your skin. It also prevents water from escaping through your skin during the day. You can use aqueous cream on any part of your skin and it is even safe for children and pregnant women.

Squeeze the aqueous cream out of the tube and rub it over your skin in a circular motion. Feel free to be generous with the cream.

Rinse the aqueous cream off with warm water. You can do this at the sink if you are just washing your face or hands, or in the shower if you are washing your entire body.

Towel dry by patting, not rubbing.

Repeat once each day as your normal cleansing routine.