Mother of Pearl / Bleach Cream Remedy

Modern medicine has taken a lot of tips and advice from the ancient world. One of these wonderful ancient medicines that is growing in popularity is cream made of mother of pearl, also called bleach cream. Referred to as “Concha Nacar,” which is Spanish for the mother of pearl shell used in its creation, this cream combines simple, natural ingredients for skin health.

What It Does

Mother of pearl cream is reputed to have numerous benefits to promote healthy skin. Aside from the obvious mother of pearl shells, which contain calcium that gets absorbed for skin strength, its ingredients include lemon juice and seaweed, both of which are rich in vitamins that promote clear and strong skin. The cream also contains volcanic ash, which serves as an exfoliant to open pores and remove dead skin cells. Finally, the cream contains honey and papaya enzymes, which aid skin in healing itself.

Because of all these healing ingredients, mother of pearl cream is said to prevent and lighten scars from acne, prevent wrinkles and sagging associated with aging, and reduce the number of pimples, blackheads and blemishes from which the user suffers.

How To Use It

Take a small amount of the mother of pearl cream and rub it into your skin well, so that it works into your pores. You can use this cream as a spot treatment for specific areas of the skin or on your whole face. Use as much cream as necessary to cover the areas of your face you want to treat.

Let the cream remain on your skin to work for at least a half-hour. Stay out of direct sunlight while the cream is on your face to prevent excessive dryness. Avoiding direct sunlight to your face as a general rule can help to prevent the occurrence of blemishes.

After a half-hour to an hour, wash the cream from your face with warm water. The water will also open your skin's pores, so be sure to avoid using beauty products that contain oil, which can clog your pores.

Repeat the application and washing twice daily (generally in the morning and evening) for best results. Avoid using an excessive amount of the cream or scrubbing your face harshly while washing, as such abuse can cause your skin to become irritated and dry. If your skin dries out, your glands will automatically begin producing more oil, which will cause pimples and blackheads.