How to Use Strivectin SD

strivectin sd is a brand of anti-aging skincare creams and lotions that improves the overall quality of one's skin, reducing wrinkles, age spots and other signs of aging. Strivectin SD was originally developed and marketed as an anti-stretchmark cream until it was discovered that the product also helps fight signs of aging on the face, neck and hands. Thus, Strivectin expanded to include face creams, eye creams, neck creams and hand creams to be used regularly to combat wrinkes and age spots.

Apply Strivectin SD Deep Wrinkle Serum to target fine lines on the forehead and around the eyes and lips. Apply a pea-sized amount of the lotion directly onto the wrinkles, and gently rub in to absorb into the skin. You can also apply the serum onto areas with enlarged pores to help tighten and reduce their size. Use this serum every night before bed and leave on overnight.

Apply the Strivectin SD Eye Cream under and around your eyes to diminish the appearance of crows' feet. Apply a small drop of the cream onto your forefinger, then massage all over the eye area, concentrating on areas with more wrinkles. Use in the morning and before bed.

Rub a generous amount of the Strivectin SD Neck Cream onto your neck and chest. This is a firming cream that tightens sagging skin, improving the general quality of the skin in this sensitive area. It also works to reduce discolorations from sun exposure and general aging. Use this cream on a daily basis to keep your neck and decolletage looking young and firm.

Use the Strivectin SD Facial Sculpting Cream as a daily moisturizer. The Facial Sculpting Cream reduces the appearance of wrinkles while also defining features that have lost their sharpness over the years. Use this cream after you have applied the eye cream and neck cream, and allow it to absorb into your skin for a few minutes before applying your makeup.

Improve the appearance of your hands with the Strivectin SD Two-Step Hand Care System. First, rub the Self-Heating NanoExfoliant onto the backs of your hands and leave on to absorb for about 30 minutes to an hour. Then massage the Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Cream over the Exfoliant. Use the NanoExfoliant once a day and the hand cream as often as you like throughout the day.