What Cream Is Good for Wrinkled Hands & Arms?

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When dealing with the natural effects of aging, which often includes wrinkled hands and arms, avoid the temptation to feel your current beauty issue isn't treatable and reach for a bottle -- or jar -- of cream that is formulated for your skin. While any lotion certainly helps, those targeted toward replenishing and protecting mature skin while adding a supple appearance are just what you need for healthy, glowing hands and arms.

Packed with Nutrients and Natural Ingredients

Particularly if you have a penchant for all things natural, organic or botanic based, reach for a cream for your hands and arms made out of nature's finest ingredients. Look for nutrients, such as vitamin E, known for its healing abilities. As for the moisture, seek out lotions and creams that use natural oils and butters, such as cocoa butter, shea butter and jojoba oil. These ingredients have the ability to moisturize your skin while protecting it. Products packed full of petrolatum will create a barrier over your skin to keep existing moisture in, but they will not add the moisture natural oils and butters can.

Sunscreen Based

If you're currently dealing with wrinkles on your arms and hands, help stop new wrinkles from forming while preventing other signs of aging, such as dry skin and discoloration, by opting for a hydrating cream that also includes an SPF. Use creams specifically made for arms and hands that include an SPF rather than just reaching for the tube of sunscreen you use for the beach. The specialty creams have a much more pleasing consistency and scent, and you'll be more likely to use them on a daily basis.

Includes Retinol

For a serious attempt at reversing fine lines and wrinkles on arms and hands, purchase a cream that includes the ingredient retinol. This Vitamin-A based ingredient works by promoting cell turnover and an increase in collagen production. A cream created for your hands and arms with a potent concentration of retinol is one of your best bets for decreasing wrinkles. However, retinol can cause redness and a burning sensation, so discontinue or cut back on use if it bothers you. Also remember to use sunscreen on a daily basis while using retinol.

Firming and Moisturizing

Search for anti-aging body creams that include ingredients known for their skin firming abilities. These lotions are all formulated to moisturize as well, so you will receive hydration and a tightening effect that will help your skin look smoother. Ingredients such as shitake complex are known for their firming properties. When gravitating toward firming creams, look for those that mention "anti-aging" on the package for a formulation that targets mature skin for the best possible results.