How to Use Vitamin A on Your Face

Vitamin A has been found to fight aging and make skin more elastic and younger looking. The best way to get vitamin A is from healthy foods like fruits and vegetables. However, vitamin A creams, called tretinoin, can be applied directly to the face to maximize the power of the vitamin, eliminating wrinkles and smoothing skin.

Start with the lowest strength tretinoin cream, .0025 percent strength. After using the full tube, move on to the 0.05 percent tube and then the .1 percent strength. This will allow your skin to adjust to the cream.

Wash your face in the evening before using the vitamin A cream. Do not use a medicated facial cleanser.

Apply the tretinoin vitamin A cream about half an hour after washing your face. Apply a thin layer over your entire face, avoiding your eyes, nose, mouth and any cuts or other open wounds. The cream should be applied daily or every other day.

Apply sunscreen every morning. Vitamin A cream makes the skin of the face more likely to be damaged by sun.

Expect your skin to get worse before it gets better. Peeling, acne and discomfort may occur in the first six weeks. After that, you will begin to notice that the Vitamin A cream has made the skin on your face tighter and smoother.