How to Use Pyrithione Zinc for Rosacea

by Jody Braverman

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Rosacea is a common skin condition that affects approximately 14 million Americans every year, according to DERMAdoctor. Characterized by redness of the face, flushing, skin sensitivity and dryness, broken blood vessels and blemishes, Rosacea is often misdiagnosed as acne. Because rosacea has many more symptoms than acne, it's treatment is more complex. Pyrithione zinc is an antibacterial and antifungal agent that may be effective in treating rosacea.

Wash daily with a bar soap containing pyrithione zinc, such as Dr. Cynthia Bailey's Calming Zinc Bar, which contains 2 percent pyrithione zinc. Pyrithione zinc is safe to use daily on face and body, or wherever you have rosacea symptoms.

Apply a topical pyrithione zinc cream to areas affected by rosacea. Pyrithione zinc cream is sold in different strengths, from 0.25 percent to 2 percent, without a prescription. Apply the cream according to package directions.

Use a dandruff shampoo containing pyrithione zinc. Head and Shoulders shampoo contains 0.25 percent pyrithione zinc and may be helpful in treating mild cases of rosacea. Dandruff shampoo may be too drying for facial use.


  • Rosacea can be difficult to treat, and may not respond to just one method of treatment. For best results, consult your doctor, who will develop a treatment plan for you and will monitor your progress.

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