How to Apply Dr. Palmer's Fade Cream

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Sun exposure causes an excess production of melanin that can result in unwanted dark spots on your skin. Palmer's Fade Cream uses alpha hydroxy to soften the skin so the lightening ingredients can change the skin's pigmentation and bring it back to its original color. If you are not seeing an improvement, be patient. It usually takes six to eight weeks for the skin-lightening cream to lighten the dark spots.

Test Palmer's Fade Cream on an inconspicuous area to see if your skin reacts to the cream, since some people will have reactions to the ingredients. Wait 24 hours and check the site for reactions before applying it to your dark spots.

Wash your face as normal, using whatever type of cleanser is best for your skin type.

Apply a thin layer of Palmer's Fade Cream to the dark areas you wish to lighten, avoiding contact with unaffected skin. Apply the creme once a day at night. Work it into your skin until it is absorbed.

Apply any moisturizers you normally use to your whole face.