Reactions to Nair Hair Removal

Nair hair removal products are depilatory creams that remove hair. They are extremely convenient for women who don’t want to waste a lot of time shaving, since they generally take less time to remove hair. However, Nair hair removal products also have some side effects that users must consider. Most are preventable by simply following package instructions, but some are simply reactions to the product.

Side Effects

Nair hair removal products can cause skin irritation. This irritation ranges from minor to extremely severe. Minor irritation, such as a little stinging for a few minutes, is fairly common, and not a medical emergency. But some people have allergic reactions, breaking out in hives immediately or developing other types of rashes. Leaving Nair hair removal cream on the skin too long can even cause chemical burns.


For minor irritation, a phone call to the doctor suffices. However, if your skin is severely irritated or you break out in a rash, you should visit your doctor. Chemical burns are a serious problem that requires medical treatment as well. When you call the doctor's office, have the Nair package handy in case the nurse asks about the ingredients.


Using Nair products longer or more often than recommended may result in an allergic reaction. Do not exceed the maximum time when applying Nair hair removal products. Don’t apply within 48 hours of the previous use. People who have irritated, inflamed, sunburned or broken skin should not use Nair products until their skin heals. Don’t use Nair if you've had an adverse reaction to any hair removal product in the past. Avoid swimming or sunbathing for 24 hours after application. Wait a day before applying any astringent or perfumed lotion.


If the Nair hair removal product gets in your eyes, remove contacts immediately. Rinse the eyes with lukewarm water for fifteen minutes. Contact a doctor or Poison Control Center for further instructions.


To prevent allergic reaction, always read package instructions carefully and follow them exactly. Also, perform a skin patch test prior to use. Use the product on a tiny patch of skin, following package instructions. Wait 24 hours to ensure no adverse reaction occurs. Use the Nair hair removal product only on the area of the body it specifies. Face hair removal creams are much milder than creams for other body parts, so avoid using any creams on the face unless they are specifically designated for the face.