How Effective Is Nair?


What Is Nair?

Nair is a hair removal or depilatory product developed in the early 1970s as an alternative to shaving. Because Nair removes hair deeper than shaving, it leaves a smoother, softer look longer than shaving. Hair that has become coarse from years of shaving does not respond as well as soft hair does to depilatory creams. The Nair products change to keep up with market trends in scents, looks and herbal supplements.

Where Can You Use Nair?

Nair products are available for both men and women to remove unwanted hair on various parts of the body. Specific products are available for facial hair, underarm hair, leg hair, back hair, coarse hair and bikini area hair.

How Do You Use Nair?

Nair is available in several application types that include roll-on, brush-on, spray-on, lotion, creams and gels, and a wax that requires heating and strips to pull hair off once it cools. In addition, a waterproof formula stays on in the shower and includes a special sponge to remove it. Cover the hair you wish to remove with Nair. Do not rub Nair into the skin; just cover the hair using the applicator or spray nozzle. Nair should take about 4 minutes to remove facial hair and about 8 minutes to remove other body hair.

Is Nair Safe for Everyone?

Some people suffer adverse or allergic reactions to Nair, such as redness or skin irritation. If you have never used Nair before the product guide suggests you do a test patch prior to full application. The label warns users not to leave Nair on the face longer than 8 minutes or other body areas more than 10 minutes. Do not allow the product to dry on the skin. If you need to repeat your Nair application, wait until a full 24 hours have passed. Do not use Nair on nipples, genitals, noses or ears. Nor should you apply it over cuts, moles or sunburn.

How Effective Is Nair?

Nair hair removal lasts just a few days longer than shaving at best. This is because it removes hair just below the hair surface, as opposed to at the hair surface by shaving. It works best on areas with soft or fine hair that has not been subjected to frequent removal. It also works best for those who have not developed coarse hair from years of shaving.