Using Nair to Remove Pubic Hair

Nair's two bikini-line hair removal products -- Bikini Cream Sensitive Formula and Moroccan Argan Oil Glides Away -- temporarily remove hair without the use of a razor or wax. If you have sensitive skin, opt for the Bikini Cream Sensitive Formula.

Before applying either cream, make sure your bikini area is clean and dry. Glides Away dispenses similar to a deodorant, so turn the dial to dispense the cream. Swipe a thick layer of either cream evenly over the bikini hair you want to remove, being sure not to rub in the cream. Wash your hands immediately after applying the Bikini Sensitive Cream Formula.

Depending on how thick your hair is, let the Sensitive cream sit for at least six minutes and the Glides Away at least three minutes.

After three or six minutes, depending on the product you're using, remove a small patch of the cream to determine whether it should stay on longer; you'll know it's time to remove the cream once your hair comes off easily. The key to removing Nair hair cream is gently wipe, not rub, the cream and your hair off with a warm washcloth.

Once all the cream and hair are removed, rinse the area with lukewarm water and pat dry. Hair removal varies for each person but, according to the company, it lasts days longer than shaving.