How to Remove Buttocks Hair

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Many people choose to remove hair from various parts of their bodies, often for comfort or aesthetic reasons. You can remove hair from the buttocks in many of the same ways you remove hair from other areas, but it requires more caution. Skin on the buttocks and near the pubic area is more sensitive and more prone to exhibit adverse reactions to various removal methods.

Shave your buttocks. After a shower or bath, apply shaving cream to the area. Using a sharp razor, shave off the hair in sections. Be extra careful in more sensitive areas. Moisturize with soothing cream afterward.

Wax your buttocks. While you can purchase home waxing kits, it is usually better to see a professional. A salon attendant will heat wax, spread it in a thin strip, allow it to dry and tear it off. While this process is painful and causes irritation afterward, it keeps the hair away longer than shaving.

Try hair removal cream, which you can find at your local drugstore. Ideally, use a brand formulated for sensitive skin. Follow the instructions on the box to remove hair during your shower or bath. This usually involves liberally applying the cream, waiting a few minutes and then wiping off the hair. Don’t leave the cream on too long or you risk hurting your skin.

Get laser treatments. This expensive and professional method involves many painful sessions, but it will permanently remove hair from your buttocks. Only licensed professionals can perform laser hair removal.

Ask someone to pluck your buttocks for you, as it is impossible to do yourself. Ask your friend to use tweezers to grab at the base of each hair and yank it out. Plucking is painful, difficult and time consuming. It is inexpensive, however, and the hair takes a long time to grow back.