Ear Hair Removal Creams

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Hair removal creams, along with lotions, are a popular way to get rid of unwanted body hair. Using hair removal in the ears works fine, but you should be careful not to let the cream get into your inner ear. You can place a cotton ball in your ear to prevent the hair removal cream from getting somewhere it shouldn't.

Nair Face Cream

Nair is one of the most well-known hair removal products. The company sells a face cream and a sensitive face cream. This cream should not touch the eyes or go inside the nose or inner ear. Test Nair first on a small area of your outer ear before using it on the rest of your ear.

Place a small amount of cream on your ear in a thick layer using your fingertips. Do not rub in the cream. Remove the cream with a towel after a few minutes. If the hair does not come off, leave the cream on for up to 10 minutes. Check the area 24 hours later to make sure that your skin is not irritated or broken. If the skin is normal, proceed to use the Nair cream on the rest of your outer ear.

Veet Hair Removal Creams

Veet makes four different hair removal creams, but the In-shower Hair Removal Cream is the only one made for use on the face. You can also use it under your arms and on your legs. The In-shower Hair Removal Cream comes in three formulas to match your skin type. There is a normal skin formula made with lotus milk and jasmine fragrance, a dry skin formula with shea butter and lily fragrance and a sensitive formula with aloe vera and vitamin E.

The products come with a double-sided sponge for application and exfoliation, but use your fingertips to apply the product to your ear. The In-shower cream comes in a 150-ml tube or 300-ml bottle. Apply the dry skin formula while in the shower and leave it on to dry for three to six minutes before wiping it off. The normal and sensitive skin formulas take longer to dry. Give them five to 10 minutes before removal.

Avon Skin So Soft Fresh and Smooth Sensitive Skin Hair Removal Cream for Face

The Skin So Soft Fresh and Smooth Sensitive Skin Hair Removal Cream for Face is designed especially for people with sensitive skin. The company also makes a Skin So Soft Hair Removal product for the body. The face hair removal cream sells for between $3 and $6 for a 1-oz. tube. Ingredients include witch hazel extract, aloe barbadensisleaf juice, willow bark extract and jojoba seed oil. The product also has salicylic acid, mineral oil, cetearyl alcohol and glyceryl stearate.