How to Dull a Shiny Black Shoe

Hemera Technologies/ Images

Extremely shiny footwear screams, “Hey, I’m new!” especially when you're wearing dark-colored shoes. If you have a pair of glossy, new-looking shoes that doesn’t appeal to you or if your shoe shop got carried away with the wax, you can dull the shine. The right application of shoe products will allow you to protect the shoe without making them look cheap or brand new. Your footwear should complement your outfit -- not get all the attention.

Step 1

Rub the surface of the shoe with a clean rag to remove any dirt and debris. Lightly scuff the shoes with fine sandpaper. This will create a naturally distressed look.

Step 2

Dab the cloth over the surface of a shoe polishing cream. Stay away from waxes; these can increase the shine. A cream-based polish will protect the shoe but keep the shine dull. You should select a black color cream. Do not use brown polish on black shoes.

Step 3

Work the shoe cream into the shoe surface. Follow this with a brushing treatment. Use a small, handheld shoe polish brush and rub the entire surface of the shoe.

Step 4

Take a fresh cloth and rub it across a clear waxing product. Stay away from waxes labeled high gloss or high shine. Rub the entire shoe with the clear wax to protect the shoe from moisture.