How to Soften a Loofah

Loofahs are perhaps the best natural exfoliating scrubber. They are a popular choice for exfoliating skin in the shower. Many people think they grow in the ocean, but they actually grown on land. Loofahs are gourds and when growing, they look very similar to their distant cousin, the cucumber. They are naturally hard and rough. If this is a problem for you, the loofah can be softened to make it a more pleasant experience.

Put the loofah in a container. The container should be at least twice the size of the loofah to ensure there is enough room for the loofah and water.

Fill the container the rest of the way with hot water. Hot water directly out of a sink works well, so there is no need to boil water.

Let the loofah soak for 10 minutes. As the loofah absorbs water, it becomes softer.

Repeat the process each time you need to use it.