How to Shave a Man's Neck in Between Haircuts


Most men need a haircut about every two weeks. However, if a man has an extremely close cut and likes the way it looks as it grows out, he can go up to six weeks in between cuts. However, it is important to keep the nape of the neck sharply trimmed and groomed in order to avoid a "sheepdog" appearance as his hair becomes shaggier on top. In this article, we will discuss how to shave a man's neck.

Trace the area that you plan to shave using the eyebrow pencil. This will enable the two of you to plan exactly where you will shave rather than requiring him to simply trust you with a razor.

Follow the outline of the original cut. Do not attempt to create a new style. This shave is for maintenance only and should mimic the original style as closely as possible.


Set the razor on the closest shave setting. This will make it easy for you to see where you have shaved, but remember that it will also be very clear to other observers. Use great care when you start shaving.

Start out slow. You can always cut off more, but you cannot put back hair that has been shaved off.

Check your progress periodically to make sure both of you are happy.You can do this by allowing him to hold the hand mirror so that he can see the back of his head while you work.