How to Remove Hair From Testicles

Men like to shave their testicles for many reasons, including the idea that sex will be better with a bald scrotum. If you maintain the region well, you won't find the upkeep bothersome; however, first time shavers might find that they have quite a task ahead of them.

Trim the long pubic hairs with scissors or electric clippers. Snip away any strays; if you are using scissors, you may want to do this in a sitting position.

Soak in a nice hot bath for a while, which will help open your pores. Once you get out of the tub, dry your genital area and lather it up with a shaving gel.

Use a brand-new blade on your shaver; if you have a lot of hair to contend with, keep a spare blade ready in case you need it. Upon the first sign that the razor is losing its edge, replace it.

Shave the area, but do not shave against the way the hair grows but rather with it on the first attempt. Then go back and shave again against the hair growth. Never go over the same area more than two times, or you will get severe razor burn.

Cleanse the area to decrease the risk of infection. Afterward, apply a non-stinging astringent. Keep up on the area daily by exfoliating and cleansing. which will reduce the chances of getting ingrown hairs.