How Do You Know If Your Wife Is Cheating?

by Gail Delaney

If you are a husband who suspects your wife is cheating, you will need some proof. Women who are cheating usually change their behavioral patterns. The more changes she makes to her appearance, the more likely it is she's cheating on you.


If your wife is spending more money than usual on new lingerie, facials, clothes and new hairdos, then she may be having an affair. Perhaps she has suddenly become conscience of her body. if you find that she is exercising more and signing up for slimming programs, you may have cause for worry.

Doesn't Confide in You

Women love to talk to their husbands about their day, the kids and almost everything else. If your wife suddenly stops talking and confiding in you or she no longer seeks your advice or opinions, then most likely she is getting her counsel from someone else.

Frequently Gone

If your wife is gone more often then she is home, then you may have cause to suspect that she is cheating. If she is giving the excuses of visiting a sick friend, has multiple errands or spends longer at the grocery store than normal, this is another sign of a possible affair.

Wedding Ring

Glance at her left hand when she comes home. Wives that are cheating usually remove their rings and sometimes forget to put them back on again. Occasionally their rings become lost.

Secret Phone Calls

If your wife is suddenly disappearing with the phone when a call comes through or disappears to make a call in private or is making more phone calls than usual, this may indicate that she is talking to someonevshe does not want you to know about.


Sometimes a cheating wife will feel guilty; this emotion will cause her to either be more affectionate to you than normal or she will pick fights with you. When women picks fights with their husband for no reason, they are trying to settle the guilty feelings they are having. These behavioral changes occur because she is feeling guilty over the affair and she is having a hard time in dealing with the emotional side.

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