How Do You Know If Your Wife Is Cheating?

Is She Cheating on You?

Suddenly, she's dressing up, wearing makeup and exercising. Something's up and you're not sure what. If you are a husband who suspects your wife is cheating, you will need some proof. Look for signs that she’s changing her habits and appearance. Women who are cheating usually give you signs. You just need to know what to look for.

Spending More Money on Herself

If your wife is spending more money than usual on new lingerie, facials, clothes and new hairdos, then she may be having an affair. Perhaps she has suddenly become conscience of her body and her weight. While it's great to pay attention to diet and exercise, if you find that she is exercising more and signing up for slimming programs, you may have cause for worry.

Doesn't Confide in You

She's always shared her day with you, telling you about the kids, her friends and plans for next week and next year. Not anymore. If your wife suddenly stops talking and confiding in you or she no longer seeks your advice or opinions, then she may be getting her counsel from someone else. If she's not your best friend anymore, whose is she?

Frequently Gone

It seems like she's never home. Even when she is, she's often distracted and not mentally present. When she looks at her phone more often than you or disappears for hours doing "errands," you may have cause to suspect that she is cheating.

Wedding Ring

Glance at her left hand when she comes home. Wives who cheat usually remove their rings and sometimes forget to put them back on again. Occasionally their rings get lost. Likewise, be observant to new jewelry that you didn't buy for her. She may claim she bought herself those new earrings, but if the purchase doesn't show up on the credit card bill, you can guess someone else did.

Secret Phone Calls

If your wife suddenly disappears when a call comes through or takes more calls in private, she may be talking to someone she does not want you to know about. The same goes for text messages. And if all her communication devices have new passwords, she's keeping something from you.


Sometimes a cheating wife will feel guilty; this emotion will cause her to either be more affectionate to you than normal or she will pick fights with you. When women picks fights with their husband for no reason, they are trying to settle the guilty feelings they are having. These behavioral changes occur because she is feeling guilty over the affair and she is having a hard time in dealing with the emotional side.