Signs of Adultery in a Marriage

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You might not have solid proof that your spouse is cheating on you, but you have feelings of suspicion that just won't go away. While a gut feeling might not be proof of infidelity, it might be your spouse's suspicious behavior that's triggering this feeling. If you noticed sudden changes in your partner’s behavior that's starting to affect your relationship, you might want to pay attention to your instincts. It just might be that common signs of a cheating spouse caused this gut feeling to flare up.

Physical and Emotional Distance

It's common for a cheating partner to distance himself from his spouse. If your husband is not kissing, hugging or touching you as much lately -- and if makes excuses to avoid sex -- he may be cheating. In addition to less frequent physical touches, the communication between you may be dwindling, which could also be a sign of infidelity, according to counselor Shelley Skas in "10 Warning Signs That Your Husband Is Cheating" on YourTango. If your husband is emotionally distant, does not have much to say anymore and is confiding in you less, he might be hiding something.

Less Time at Home

Your spouse suddenly spends less time at home. Your wife may say that work is busy and she may spend more evenings at the office. If she is not spending more time at work, then she is going out more often -- without you. If “girl's nights" are every week, you may have cause for concern if she mentions going out with friends you are not familiar with. You also have a right to ask questions if she usually invites you to outings but has suddenly stopped asking you.

Suspicious Phone Activity

A big clue that your spouse is cheating is whether his phone behavior changes. If he is on his phone more often texting or emailing, but hides his screen from you, he might be cheating. If you notice that he is constantly texting, but find that he deletes his text messages, he may be hiding something. Other unusual behaviors such as getting a mysterious call and walking into another room before answering, may be signs that he is cheating.

Change in Appearance

If your spouse changes her appearance -- out of the blue -- this may set off alarms. Clues include a new haircut, a new stylist or barber, a different colorist, expensive clothes or wearing a markedly different style or an exotic new perfume. According to the book "Warning Signs: How to Know if Your Partner Is Cheating -- and What to Do About It," you should be concerned if you usually buy your husband's clothes but find he now buys his own. The sudden change in appearance could be a way to impress his new love interest. The same is true for women. If you find your wife has lingerie you have never seen, she may have bought it for her new man, or he may have bought it as a gift for her.