Signs of Guilt of a Husband Who Cheated

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A husband who is cheating may have a guilty conscience and try to make up for his infidelity by offering you gifts and attention. While you may not have evidence of the actual infidelity, the guilt he expresses can be just as damning as phone records and afternoon trysts. If you have reason to believe that your husband is being unfaithful, look for the signs of guilt.


Your usually distant husband suddenly begins showering you with attention. He may take you out to dinner and on expensive dates, talk to you more than usual or allow you to choose what you do each day. The extra attention can be a sign of guilt that he is giving another woman attention, says He feels guilty for his infidelity and tries to make up for it by being the perfect, attentive husband that you've always wanted.


Expensive gifts given for no reason can be an admission of guilt on your husband's part. cautions you to be on the lookout if your usually frugal husband begins offering you expensive jewelry. What's more, a careful analysis of his credit card records may indicate that identical gifts were purchased for someone else. Be careful when excitedly accepting a pair of diamond earrings, piece of fitness equipment, or even a car, as it may be a way for your husband to relief himself of his guilty feelings for the time being.

Sexual Behavior

If you are having more sex than usual, your husband is likely trying to "make up" for the affair by giving you more sexual attention and favors. Your husband may also introduce new positions as a sign that he is being sexually adventurous with someone else. New or a different style of underwear or new cologne can also be indicators that he's trying to impress another woman.

If your normal sex life becomes stagnant, it could be because your spouse feels too guilty for sleeping with another woman. Either way, a change in your sex life may be cause for concern.


Someone with a guilty conscience is usually first to accuse someone else of the same crimes. If your husband is suddenly jealous of your male co-workers or online habits or if he accuses you of being adulterous without any grounds, it could be because he knows he is in the wrong and trying to convince himself that you have engaged in the same behavior. He may be angry at you for no reason at all or lash out at the slightest provocation, says "Is He Cheating on You?: 829 Telltale Signs" by Ruth Houston.