Signs That Your Husband Is Cheating With a Man

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No woman wants think that her husband may be cheating on her - especially not with a man. But if you suspect that your husband has been unfaithful and is harboring same-sex attraction tendencies, it's worth analyzing the signs to figure out what's going on. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that 4 million women have been involved in relationships with men who have had a sexual relationship with another man.


Your husband may change his appearance when spending time with a gay man in a romantic way. He wants to follow the trends that his partner follows to become more attractive to his partner. If your husband previously wore polos and khakis with sneakers and suddenly begins wearing tighter shirts, pants and more flamboyant shoes, it could be a clue that he is cheating on you with a man, according to Monitor the clothing he wears, especially if he changes his style completely.

Intimacy Changes

If you experience changes in your intimate life together, it could mean infidelity. Some intimacy changes may not immediately point to an affair with another man. Simply changing the frequency of intimate encounters that you have could mean infidelity with a woman. But if he seems disgusted at the thought of having sex with you, or acts like you are being too aggressive in wanting sex with him often, if could be because he is enjoying a different kind of sexual appetite that is apart from what you can offer, says ABC News.

Extreme Homophobia

When talking about other gay people, your husband could become angry or homophobic in his words and attitudes. This could mean that he is scared of being discovered, so he overcompensates by acting homophobic. He may even feel ashamed for his gay extramarital affair, which leaves him embroiled in feelings of self-hatred. A sudden hatred of gay people, gay culture or gay issues could mean that he's harboring a secret from you.

Gay Best Friend

When your husband has a gay best friend and seems to prefer the company of other men, it could that he's having an affair with another man. Having a gay best friend makes your husband feel as though his actions are acceptable, and it makes his feelings more normal. You might catch him frequenting gay bars or looking at gay pornography online. This tells you he's acquired a taste for gay behavior and the company of other men, or he's been gay all along and never been able to tell you the truth.