Consequences of Husbands Flirting

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Consequences of husbands flirting vary depending on the circumstances and people involved. His behavior may cause issues in his marriage, work and personal life. A husband may experience a lack of trust and intimacy from his wife and notice friends and colleagues treating him differently. Flirting husbands may also realize they are not equipped to deal with the attention from another woman.

Loss of Trust

Flirting husbands may lose their wives' trust and face scrutiny at home. Wives may become suspicious of where their husbands are, who is calling and emailing them, and become upset by work relationships and friendships with females. Tension at home could rise and fights could become more frequent without a basis for trust and open communication.

Lack of Respect

Flirting husbands may lose their wives' respect. A wife may feel her husband is selfish and only cares about himself. She may decide to no longer care about a husband's feelings or his stresses at work. Friends, colleagues and other women may also lose respect for a husband who flirts. They may see the man as untrustworthy and foolish.

Less Intimacy

Flirting husbands may notice a lack of intimacy and sex with their wives. The wife may no longer trust or respect him and refuse intimate touches and seduction. The woman may question why her husband flirts and ask if her husband no longer finds her physically attractive. Intimacy in the bedroom may be taken over by painful discussions and arguments than sexual intimacy.

Loss of Privacy

Many women will ask their flirting husbands to attend marriage counseling to work on his issues. The counselor will discuss the intimate details of the marriage and why the man feels compelled to flirt and solicit attention from other women. The counselor may request the husband check-in with his wife on a regular basis and account for his whereabouts and actions to rebuild trust.

Unwanted Attention

Husbands who flirt may unintentionally seduce another woman with compliments, casual touching, prolonged eye contact and sexual innuendos. The woman may believe the man is in love with her or wants to pursue an affair. The seduced woman may want the man to commit to her and leave his wife. The woman could contact the wife to discuss the situation or call and email the husband.


A wife may eventually leave a husband who flirts. The husband may feel his actions are harmless and that flirting is exciting. But if the wife feels disrespected, she may see the flirting as a red flag for a break-down in communication and potential cheating. A husband may not realize the damage his flirting has caused until the wife has left their home and asked for a divorce.