Signs That Your Wife Does Not Love You

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Marriage is believed to be a sacred union for better or worse. But human nature does not always follow a set path. There are times when one spouse falls out of love. A wife may fall out of love because she has fallen in love with someone else, she has an abusive husband or the husband is married to his work. Finally, she decides there is no love left in the marriage and it's over. There are people in the world who remain in loveless marriages rather than divorcing because of the children or for monetary reasons.

She Does Not Talk to You

The foundation of a good marriage is love, caring and sharing. When a wife suddenly distances herself from her husband, appears impatient at having to talk to him, stops being demonstrative to show she cares and stops sharing intimate little details about herself, it is a definite sign that she has fallen out of love with her husband. The fact that she stops talking about how she feels and does not seem interested in discussing things with you is an indicator that things are not right.

She Criticizes You Constantly

A wife who falls out of love with her husband finds every possible reason to criticize his actions and words. To the husband, this change in the wife's personality makes her appear like the proverbial nag. The words she uses become spiteful and very hurtful. The fact that she is uncaring about hurting her husband shows that she no longer loves him. Only a woman who is in love avoids hurting the person she loves.

She Does Not Spend Time With You

Marriage is about caring for each other and spending quality time together. It is about engaging in activities as a family and making each other happy. One of the signs that a wife has fallen out of love with her husband is demonstrated by her not wanting to spend time with him. She may feel uncomfortable in his presence, look for excuses not to be with him and find ways to avoid actually having to sit down with him. These are clear signs that something is very wrong, especially if a comparison of present behavior with past habits reflects the behavioral differences.

A Man's Intuition

Intuition is something we all experience at various times in life. When a husband starts feeling neglected, finds his wife is more absent than present, finds the intimacy of marriage slipping away and his wife is finding excuses not to be around him, intuition kicks in to make him start wondering whether his wife has fallen out of love with him. There will be many little changes in the marriage that raise red flags, warning him that everything is not the same.